Sunscreen spray spray can not come out how to do sunscreen spray pay attention to the use of the spray method

I don’t know if it’s because I used it too much recently or other reasons, but I just can’t spray it out. Obviously there are many more! This sunscreen spray won’t wash off. It won’t break! What should I do?

What if the sunscreen spray doesn’t come out?
You can rinse the nozzle of sunscreen spray with clean water. Don’t use it after cleaning. Please wipe the nozzle before use. The sunscreen spray nozzle won’t spray out. It may have been useless for too long, and the nozzle is blocked. If this method doesn’t work, you can replace a nozzle, and this problem can be completely solved.

Pay attention to the use of sunscreen spray
However, some studies and reports have also revealed a phenomenon: if you don’t pay attention when using sunscreen spray, it is very easy to be accidentally inhaled into the human body, which may cause lung diseases, so children should try not to use this product. Adults should avoid eyes and mouth when using it to prevent accidental inhalation.

Shake well before use, and mix the effective ingredients at the bottom of the bottle with the liquid. Try not to spray it directly on your face, especially to avoid the eyes and mouth. You can spray all over your body before going out. Because its waterproof and sweat-proof effect is not very good, we need to wipe or spray regularly, especially after going swimming or sweating a lot.

Does sunscreen spray have a shelf life?
Generally speaking, the shelf life of sunscreen is three years, and some are as long as five years. The unopened sunscreen spray within the warranty period can still be used in the next year, and the sunscreen effect will not be reduced. If it is unopened, but after the shelf life, the sunscreen ability will be reduced. If you don’t use it up, it’s ok to spray it on your body, but you have to increase the dose to give full play to its sunscreen ability.

Does sunscreen spray have whitening effect?
Sunscreen spray can whiten the skin, but only temporarily. Sunscreen spray does have whitening effect, but it is not permanent whitening, but because it contains whitening ingredients. This whitening effect is carried out simultaneously with the sunscreen spray. If the sunscreen spray is used for too long, the whitening effect will gradually disperse. Once it is washed with clear water, the whitening effect will not exist. Sunscreen spray contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, both white pigments, which not only have a good sunscreen effect, but also have a whitening effect. Titanium dioxide, in particular, is recognized as a white pigment with the best performance, non-toxicity, whiteness and brightness in the world.


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