When is the nail polish applied? Can it be used as the base oil?

The nail polish to be applied on the nail is sequential. Nail polish which step applies this nail polish better? Can you make the bottom oil with nail polish?

When is the nail polish applied?
Nail polish is generally applied at the bottom, that is to say, to apply nail polish first, so mainly play the role of armor. If it’s not shiny enough, apply a layer of nail polish.

Can nail polish be the base oil?
Of course, nail polish is essential. Apply a layer of nail polish first, then a layer of background color, which will be easier to color and avoid nail polish pigmentation.

Can nail polish make your nails longer?
Nail polish won’t let the nail bed grow, but long nails will. Nail polish in the process of long nails, can tighten the C arc, thickening nails, strengthen the hardness of the nails.

What does the nail polish do?
Nail polish does not dry naturally.
Because nail polish contains ingredients that can be cured by light, it can only be dried and hardened by light. In general, nail polish does not dry naturally.


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