What is the taste of Dior Huayang Sweetheart Perfume? What kind of people does Huayang Sweetheart Perfume suit?

No matter from the packaging or taste, fancy sweetheart perfume is a very delicate feeling. So what is the taste of Dior fancy sweetheart perfume and what kind of people is it suitable for? Let’s have a look.

What’s the smell of Dior floral sweetheart perfume?
The whole bottle of perfume is sweet and pure floral. The pre-adjusted citrus is juicy and sweet, but there is no lack of the unique sour feeling of citrus, giving people a refreshing breath. The middle tune is a gentle and generous peony, which seems to be introverted and calm, but it can’t hide the unique personality of gorgeous fragrance. Later, the mellow patchouli and musk were selected, which added a long aftertaste to the sweetness. The whole bottle of aroma belongs to a very healing style and is a kind of fragrance.

What crowd does Huayang Sweetheart Perfume suit?
This perfume gives people the feeling that it is a transitional period of mixed girls and mature women, so both young girls and mature women who want sweet charm can choose this perfume.

What is the price of Huayang Sweetheart Perfume?
The price of this perfume is not cabbage, but the price of around 500 is not difficult to obtain, and the bottle of this perfume is relatively large, the fragrance is very classic and refreshing, and the cost performance is quite high.

What about the packaging of Huayang Sweetheart Perfume?
The most attractive part of the packaging of this perfume is the exquisite bow on the bottle cap, which makes the whole aromatherapy packaging look like a girl’s gift box, and with the element of cherry pink, it is more dreamy and addictive.


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