How to tie a rabbit knot? Detailed steps of playing rabbit knot

This year, whether IN the show of major brands or in the street shooting of fashion bloggers, you can find a very in element, that is, tie a knot on your clothes! Even the basic models can make fashion soar. Let’s take a look at how to tie a rabbit knot. Detailed steps of rabbit knot playing.

How to tie a rabbit knot to look good?
I tied a big bow on my sleeve and neck. I have to say, a good bow can make me a beautiful girl! But unlike bows, the “rabbit knot” is simpler and more casual, and looks like a pair of flexible rabbit ears. From ready-to-wear show, high-definition stage, magazine cover and star street shooting, it has its figure.

Look at Kendall Jenner’s street shooting. Feel free to tie a rabbit knot on the T-shirt, slightly revealing the lower abdomen with a little sexy, is it more youthful and energetic?

So this rabbit knot is really the new favorite of fashion circles. See how fashionistas like this rabbit ear!

Detailed steps of rabbit knot playing

  1. Fold the silk scarf according to the diagonal folding method, put it on your neck in the forward direction and tie a flat knot.
  2. The left end crosses the flat knot from right to left, and the right end crosses the flat knot from left to right. After the two ends pass through, the bottom forms a ring.
  3. Pull both ends of the flat knot to the head, pass through the newly formed ring from top to bottom, and arrange the shape of the knot.

Types of rabbit knots
First, the indissoluble bond between the small square towel and the rabbit

Seeing Agyness out of the street, she used a small square scarf as a wide hair band and casually tied a cute crooked rabbit knot, which matched her short hair, embellished her forehead, highlighted her facial features and made her look like a Bohemian princess.

Why is there an indissoluble bond between the small square towel and the rabbit? Of course, it’s a rabbit knot tied with a small square towel. Besides being a headdress, it is also retro to wear on the arms and ankles.

By the way, these rabbit ears are still sharp tools for changing bags, so that you can go out unnoticed?

Second, the rabbit knot at the hem is chic.

Whether it’s a T-shirt or a shirt, it’s a common routine to tie the hem at will. Girls should know that, but this casual tie looks very chic.

Loose coat, quaint long rabbit ears, cute short rabbit ears. Paired with jeans, revealing the waist can improve the waistline. It looks like a girl with long legs.

Third, the rabbit knot on the back is sexy.

Compared with these conventional knotting routines, playing cards without common sense is more interesting. Fashionistas also like to put rabbit ears on their backs. They like to work hard on details, and naturally they will be obsessed with such casual fashion.

The rabbit knot on the back is always inseparable from the design of showing the back. Whether it is a dress or a shirt, it reveals a touch of sexy femininity.

In fact, a casual shirt at home is also very tasty if it is used to wear rabbit ears backwards.

Fourth, the rabbit’s ears that climbed onto the shoes are sprouting.

You see, Sister Shi and katyperry are also big fans of this rabbit ear. It’s just that this rabbit knot grows on high heels.

Collar type suitable for rabbit knot
round collar


Deep v-neck

turndown collar


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