hairline is not good-looking how to solve 6 kinds of hairline problem perfectly

In the past two years, female stars no longer flock to send themselves to the plastic surgery room, all began to care about the hairline problem. Look at the traffic now, either the perfect hairline or the perfect hairline on the road. Indeed, with a thick and full hairline, not only can change the face but also reduce age! No wonder everyone is investing in the army of growing hairline. But what about our sewer girl? Hair transplant is so expensive! Don’t worry, there is no perfect hairline. Let’s draw it by ourselves. Let’s look at the ordinary fairy hairline?

Gisode is not good-looking how to decorate?
Fronhead and top missing:

This is my own hairline. If you have less hair on your forehead, you will look a little bald. I think it has something to do with my ponytail when I had my long hair.

Solution: Fill the rounded forehead.

Apply the eyebrow powder that is near the hair color to the forehead at will. Just can really daub at will, so that the effect will be confused with the real.

Now use a fine eyebrow pencil to draw a wig silk flow in the direction where the hair grows. You can draw some going in to connect the real hair. Then use eyebrow comb brush dizzy ~

The filled hairline is rounder, the whole face looks smoother, and the person looks more delicate.

Lost Angle:

This is still my hairline. I think my problem should be more typical. The entire hairline contour is incomplete. The lack of a hairline in the corner area makes my face look wider and larger than it actually does, widening it horizontally and making it look slippery.

Solution: Corner supplement

Similarly, the supplement of the corners is the first to fill the hair along the direction of the hair.

After filling the hairline with this corner, the facial lines of people with square and round faces will look much better, so this is more suitable for people with square and round faces.

High hairline:

The whole hairline is high on the edges and corners on both sides of the decoration. The hairline looks like a square one. The older generation will say that a high forehead is a blessing, but who knows, I don’t listen, I don’t listen ~

Solution: foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses

1 Do not expose the entire hairline.

Decorate the forehead edge and face with broken hair.

3 Try a hairstyle that suits your hairline. Like partial points or leaving some broken hair on your face.

Specific hairstyle can refer to the activities of Yang Mi, Tang Yan, or very instructive.

Here are a few careful machines that let you change your face and become a classical goddess

Irregular hairline:

This kind of irregular hairline can refer to Lin Qingxia, Liu Yifei and other actresses with classical temperament. It is not difficult to find that their hairline is more prominent in the temple, inclined to right angles.

This hairline not only decorates the forehead, but also changes the shape of the face, making the proportion between our facial features more harmonious, which is often said. The position of right Angle can be fixed on the line of nose, eye and eyebrow peak, do not exceed eyebrow peak.

Draw a right Angle with light color eyebrow powder first, after the color is even, overlay brunet eyebrow powder again, brush with eyebrow comb, let the right Angle have hair feeling. Pull down a few strands of hair, it will be more real.

Beauty tips:

When I was a child, when I read the new White Snake, I was always curious about how the white snake hairstyle was made. Curious not only about the classic bun on her head, but also about the sharp points on her forehead.

Of course, now I know it’s beauty tip. With this beauty tip, you can instantly combine the classic and gentle temperament. Or take out the eyebrow powder and draw an inverted triangle in a small area just above the forehead. The lines should be softer, and the hair around it is more natural.


If you have seen the 87 version of a Dream of Red Mansions, it is not difficult to find that the costumes of the actors have been painted or pasted to the temples.

The existence of sideburns is really thin face, and than the European and American plastic surgery many years earlier! Add a few hairs slanting down along the side of the ear, not too much. Brush it with an eyebrow comb, and then pull down some real hair to cover it.

Ok, let’s compare the effect! Is the left face a little smaller?


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