Nine pants with what shirt good nine pants so more on the camera

While pants have new pop styles every year, pants never decrease in popularity. Below five net edge xiao take you to see what shirt pants with good-looking?

Why do the cropped pants endure?
Bian Xiao: Although I have a lot of pants in my wardrobe, I always love nine minute pants. They not only show the first-class effect of long legs, but also slightly show the bare feet, with a sexy taste, more obvious. Compared to long pants, the pants are very personal and can accommodate a variety of styles of business work and party leisure. The pants quite literally show their fashion sense in a simple way.

Seven minutes of pants with what shirt?
Black slim-fitting small leg pants are visually slimmer. Although it is a simple version, but the length of nine minutes adds highlights. Add the collocation of the shirt, two basic money collocation, not only youth reduce age sense is full, also suit the girl that likes low-key very much. Simple but not simple.

White shirt can be said to be the basic money in the shirt, but this shirt of MOCO home has its own strong style, length is different, hem is slightly wide, can embellish the figure curve very well, cover up the flesh of the waist, neat stand collar and big pocket, also broke depressing feeling.

When wearing, the trouser leg is pulled up, even more eye-catching. Slim pants flatter the legs with fat and make them look thinner. The midwaist design lengthens the legs, and the long legs are easily exposed. The embroidered design of the trouser legs also adds highlights to oneself.

What kind of sweater looks good with your pants?
For me, the jeans are basically the most frequently used in my daily life. Wear not only up without bound feeling not only, tie-in sweater also can bring a few recreational and comfortable feeling to the girl. Loose version can also be very good decoration figure, there are some small shortcomings of the girls can be more confident.

I really like this CRZ house sweater. The loose sleeves are perfect for my girls with ugly arms. In addition, the short style reset the waist line, the big long legs immediately exposed. Soft and comfortable fabric, suitable thickness, there is no problem wearing this piece alone outside.

This irregular jeans, with a trace of retro flavor, irregular trouser legs design, slightly split design, in the fried chicken fashion, fashion and retro collision collision out of a different spark. Loose cut is very good to hide the line of the leg, but also very suitable for the calf meat girls.

Seven minute pants match what sweater good-looking?
Ripped jeans can be said to be a lot of fashion favorite chase after, in the modern era is still some unruly and rebellious. And, how about a handsome street style with a sweater? Their combination shows both their youthful attitude and gives the impression that they are always at the forefront of fashion.

I always like solid color sweaters. Simple oversize version, very friendly to girls of any figure, can very well hide the flesh of the upper body. This jumper is even more convenient to wear. The GUESS’sweater is a couple and can be worn with your boyfriend.

As a big fan of MOCO, I love these broken pants. The irregular cut of the trouser legs looks like a knock of personality, barefoot more eye-catching. In addition, the loose style can hide the meat of the legs, make the legs look thin and straight, and feel better when going out to play.


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