What’s wrong with sunscreen oil? Can sunscreen oil still be used?

Today the sun is so big, want to apply some sunscreen before going out, but just poured out the sunscreen oil. What happened? Can an oil-filled sunscreen still work?

What is the sunscreen oil going on?
Sunblock is so oil, mainly because of its chemical composition. Chemical composition texture is relatively thick, coating will form a layer of protective film, so it will not feel so refreshing. However, sunscreen is still essential in everyone’s daily life. Sunscreen can effectively resist the ultraviolet ray damage to our skin and delay aging.

Can the sunscreen oil still work?
out-of-service. Reasons for extrof oil and water:

  1. It takes too long to avoid it for a long time;
  2. Improper emulsifier is used in the formula;
  3. Improper control of the rotation speed, time or temperature in the product emulsification process;

Does a sunscreen get sweat?
The sunscreen falls off when you sweat.

The sunscreen stays on the surface of the skin and loses away as you sweat. Apply once in 1-2 hours to ensure the sunscreen effect. In addition to the face, other exposed areas such as neck and arms can be sunscreen.

In summer, although the sun is strong, but the ultraviolet rays are everywhere. If possible, wear sunscreen all year round, even on rainy weather, especially people who often work and work outdoors. Sunscreen should be applied for 20-30 minutes before going out, not all day at a time. Should often draw.

Does sunscreen still be useful for sweating?
If you use waterproof sunscreen, it will still be effective after sweating, but the sunscreen effect may be affected. If you use not waterproof sunscreen, will gradually lose with sweat, will have no sunscreen effect.


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