Can an eye cream dilute the fine lines? What kind of eye cream to go to fine grain effect is good?

The so-called fine lines on the eyes feel one year older. Can the fine lines on the eyes be diluted with eye cream? Which eye cream has a good effect of lightening fine lines?

Can eye cream lighten fine lines?
The effect of eye cream on improving existing wrinkles is actually quite limited.

There are several reasons for the formation of wrinkles around the eyes:

Static aging wrinkles are the result of skin aging, which is characterized by deepening skin gullies;

Dynamic wrinkles are related to eye muscle contraction, which will become obvious when the expression is exposed, and some will become static wrinkles with the accumulation of time.

Insisting on external use of eye cream products containing alcohol A and glycolic acid can really prevent and delay the aggravation of static aging wrinkles, but its real effect of removing them is limited.

In addition, for some eye cream products containing peptides, there is a little evidence that they can relax eye muscles, but whether they can effectively solve dynamic wrinkles needs more clinical observation.

But some people will say that applying eye cream obviously reduces the fine lines around the eyes.

This is because those are not real “wrinkles”, but “dry fine lines” caused by dry skin, which can be alleviated by strengthening moisturizing, so applying eye cream will make people feel useful.

Seeing this, do you regret not paying attention to the eye problem earlier? To fight wrinkles, the focus is still on prevention. In addition to eye cream, get enough sleep, avoid excessive use of eyes, and do a good job of sun protection.

We don’t have to panic about the fine lines that have appeared. Although the fine lines that have appeared cannot be eliminated fundamentally, we can still prevent the growth of fine lines from now on.

What kind of eye cream has a good effect of removing fine lines?
1.cpb eye cream, Peilikang eye cream, Petrov eye cream, SK-II, pola anti-glycosylation eye cream, Lancome eye cream.

Can completely improve the skin color and skin quality around the eyes. With revolutionary eye structure repair technology, the brand focuses on the unique muscles, fat and skin of the eyes, repells problems such as dermal relaxation, poor water metabolism and muscle decline, and deeply repairs the specially enhanced formula in the eye cream, which can create 3D control effect and solve the biggest problem of eye relaxation.

The translucent compounds in the eye can effectively deal with the problems of skin around the eyes and skin color. It can be said that it is one of the star products of CPB, with high value and moderate price.

  1. pola anti-glycosylation eye cream

It can effectively improve the long-term hard-to-remove dullness around the eyes, and can also effectively improve wrinkles, fine lines, drooping upper eyelids, bags under the eyes, dark circles and other problems. Ba high-end full-effect eye cream, thick and creamy, protects sensitive eye skin and gives eye high-density structural strength. It is said that it can resist the burden of blinking 20 thousand times a day.

3, Lancome big eye essence

The full name is Lancome Eye Essence Muscle Base Liquid, which is Amy’s favorite eye essence at present. Now, you will see on a treasure that the label of this essence is “Liu Shishi with the same paragraph”, which can effectively resist excessive secretion of melanin and relieve dark circles and eye edema. What attracts me most about this essence is that it has a small rotating steel ball, which is really comfortable to massage around the eyes!

Lancome, a big eye essence, can be used in three different ways to solve different eye problems respectively. When the massage bead rotates around the bottle mouth, the amount left on the massage bead is exactly the amount of one eye, which can solve the problem that many people don’t know how much to use. Unified hygiene, no waste, which is necessary for many star makeup artists.

  1. Perricone Essence Eye Cream

Pei Likang mainly makes health products, well, so you may not be familiar with this eye cream. It chose glycyrrhizic acid and lipoic acid, combined with nicotinamide and vitamin C derivatives to inhibit inflammation. This eye cream is very, very thick. You can only apply a little to the lower part of your eyes at a time, and it will take some time to be completely absorbed. After applying it to your eyes, you will feel a little itchy and painful. It’s a wonderful feeling. It happens every time. It disappears after about 20 seconds, and then there is endless water left.


This eye cream has a refreshing texture and penetrates the skin efficiently. It can improve the problems such as bags under eyes, drooping and fine lines, and comprehensively improve the firmness and elasticity of skin around eyes. Pale yellow is easy to push away, especially easy to absorb, smooth and moist, not thick and not sticky. After using it, I feel that my eyes do have some firming effects and my ability to repair dry lines is also very good. Usually use it during the day, but don’t pull it out at night.

  1. Petrov Essence Eye Cream

Rich in high-concentration dragon’s blood plant essence, combined with the latest American technology, it can improve dullness, repair damage, fight against aging, and solve eye problems of young and mature people. It is a red viscous liquid, which can smell alcohol when extruded, and has a fresh smell of plants after being applied. This suggestion is used before cream.

How to quickly remove fine lines from eye cream?
Step 1 choose the right eye cream

Eye skin is very thin, so pay more attention when choosing care products. Generally, eye care products that contain no oil, vitamin E particles and extract natural plant essence should be selected. Only in this way can we avoid irritating the skin around the eyes, prevent water loss and make the skin firm and elastic under careful care.

  1. Don’t face electronic products for a long time.

With the continuous development of science and technology, computer mobile phones have become mainstream products. Too many people just play computer phones all day, and computer radiation is very harmful to their faces and eyes. So, sit in front of the computer for a long time, walk around every hour or so, and wash the lower part with clean water.

  1. Eat more high-protein food.

Foods rich in protein, such as jujube paste and pig’s trotters, have the most natural moisturizing and wrinkle-free effects on the skin, and can make the face smooth and wrinkle-free. Vitamin E and vitamin A can nourish the eyeball and eye muscles, maintain the normal function of epithelial tissue and fundamentally improve the fine lines in the eyes.

  1. Be careful to remove makeup.

Make-up products do great harm to the skin around the eyes, which is thin and tender, so be especially careful when removing makeup, and choose special eye and lip makeup remover. Especially in the choice of cotton pad, it is particularly important to choose a close-fitting cotton pad, so as not to stick the cotton pad to the eyes and eyelashes.

5, drink more beauty and eyesight tea

Take Lycium barbarum and decoct it in water, and then drink tea when the offspring are cold. Lycium barbarum is rich in carotene, vitamin b1, vitamin C, calcium and iron, and has the function of nourishing the liver and benefiting the body. Kidney, eyesight function, because it has seasoning, whether it is making tea or chewing directly, it has a good auxiliary treatment effect on computer people’s eyes, fatigue and deepening vision.

How do fine lines in the eyes come about?
Insufficient moisture

Among facial skin, the skin around the eyes is the thinnest, only 0.4 mm thick. Because this part of the skin has no sebaceous glands and sweat glands, and it is very thin, about 1/3 to 1/5 of the thickness of other parts of the face. Therefore, the skin protection function around the eyes is weak, and the water around the eyes is easy to evaporate. In the case of poor water retention capacity, dryness has become the easiest problem to encounter, which is why fine lines first patronize the eyes. With the passage of time, sebum secretion is weakened and the eyes become weaker and more sensitive. From the first fine line to the increase of more and more expression lines, the lack of water in the skin caused by environment, season and self-reasons is always a major cause of fine lines in the eyes.

Fatigue one’s eyes

Long-term contact with computers and various bad habits, such as frequent squinting or blinking, can easily lead to eye skin aging and fine lines. Because our eyes blink more than 10,000 times a day, it will naturally affect the skin and muscles around the eyes, so it is easy to cause the eyelids to be slack and fragile, which is why wrinkles are easy to form around the eyes. Therefore, excessive eye use is also one of the main reasons for fine lines around the eyes.

Poor blood circulation

Because the skin around the eyes is thin and the blood vessels in the contralateral skin are thin and few, it is difficult to transport nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells, which makes the capillary circulation around the eyes easy to stagnate. In addition, with the increase of age, the contents of collagen and elastin in the skin began to decrease gradually, the skin lacked sufficient nutrition and vitality, the eye skin was difficult to supplement nutrition, and the blood circulation was not good, so the metabolism was not easy, and fine lines began to appear, so the skin around the eyes was easy to age and wrinkle.


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