Should the gelatin cake be soaked in yellow rice wine in advance? Can the gelatin cake be chewed directly?

Soak the gelatin in yellow rice wine before eating it. This gelatin cake is also made of gelatin, so eat gelatin cake to bubble rice wine in advance? Can the gelatin cake be chewed directly?

Should the gelatin cake be soaked in yellow rice wine in advance?
When making gelatin cake, we should add yellow rice wine. Yellow rice wine can not only promote blood and nourish blood, but also promote the medicinal properties of gelatin.
The method of making the gelatin cake

  1. Pour Geely powder (turtle glue or antler glue, which vary from person to person) into a clean enamel pot, add yellow rice wine and fry it to remove fishy smell. After the gelatin is completely melted and soaked, add red dates, longan meat, walnut kernel, rock sugar and black sesame, and stir well constantly to prevent sticking to the bottom of the pot.
  2. After about half an hour, the color of the red dates became purple and black, and the things in the pot were stuck like glue. At this time, the gelatin cake has been made.
  3. Choose a clean, non-free container or plastic wrap, pour the cooked gelatin cake into it and squeeze hard.
  4. After cooling (be sure to cool and solidify), cut into various shapes of cakes, this is the gelatin cake.
    Jiao cake in modern forms, mainly vacuum packed about 10 grams of solid cube. The brands of donkey-hide gelatin cake on the market are the same, the basic ingredients are donkey-hide gelatin, walnut, black sesame, rock sugar and yellow rice wine. There are also enterprises to add roses, red dates, barbary wolfberry and other appropriate Chinese medicinal materials or ingredients, to make a slightly different taste of the gelatin cake, but also pay attention to the nutritional value.

Can the gelatin cake be chewed directly?
The gelatin cake can be eaten directly. The gelatin cake is made of gelatin powder, yellow rice wine, walnut, jujube, hawthorn, barbary wolfberry seed, Astragalus rose, longan meat, black sesame and other food with the effect of enriching blood and replenishing qi, which can be cut into small pieces and eaten directly. Jiao cake has the effect of nourishing blood and qi, beauty and strengthening the body. The best time to eat gelatin cake is on an empty stomach or after getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night. Eat no more than 4 yuan of gelatin cake a day. If you eat more, you will get a nosebleed.

Does the gelatin cake taste normal?
normal.gelatin cake is a medicinal diet made of gelatin as the main raw material. Before making the gelatin cake, the gelatin needs to be soaked in yellow rice wine for 2-3 days, and then slowly boiled with yellow rice wine, so the gelatin cake will taste of wine, which is normal and can be eaten. However, if the gelatin cake besides the smell of wine, it can not be eaten.

Does the gelatin cake make people fat?
Eating gelatin cake may gain weight, but it needs to be analyzed according to the patient’s situation.
The gelatin cake is made from the gelatin, walnut kernel, rock sugar, etc. It has the function of nourishing Yin and moistening lung, beauty and beauty, and can be eaten in moderation. However, because the gelatin cake contains a lot of sugar, if you eat too much and the patient does not have proper physical exercise, the sugar will accumulate in the body, and if the energy is not consumed, it will be converted into fat, leading to obesity. So it is recommended that patients eat according to their own situation.
For patients with weak spleen and stomach and indigestion, avoid food, so as not to aggravate the burden of the stomach and stomach, cause indigestion, and affect the health of patients.


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